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Introduction to Managing People and Organizations

This book is aimed at experienced managers working in all sectors of the economy and at those aspiring to a career in management. Most likely you will be  undertaking an MBA course, masters in management, human resource management or a professional qualifications. Or you may just be reading the book to help yourself understand more about management.  The book deals with the nature of management and leadership in changing, contemporary organizations and contexts, and is based on my experience of working, teaching, researching and consulting in management for more than thirty years in quite a number of countries. So two of the features of the book are its international appeal and practical as well as academic content. Managing People can be tailored to suit a number of different audiences.  I use it to teach full-time masters students in the UK, USA, Sweden, Italy and Australia and to teach courses to part-time managers from the private and public sectors doing action research masters degrees. 

Quite a few of the ideas apply across sectors and contexts, but for those people looking for more sector-specific material in the not-for-profit sector, I have included some ideas of how you might access such resources, reading and weblinks

The internet has been a great boon to students and teachers in helping them learn online. I use this text to teach hybrid courses, with face-to-face meetings and online discussions. However, it is possible to use this text as the content for full online delivery of a course in managing people, organizations and change. To help people learn more effectively and to keep the book uo-to-date, I've provided a number of different types of resources, including:

  • Listen and watch the Gurus (links to videos and audio programmes featuring some of the key thinkers in management)
  • Listen to Key Issues (radio programmes and podcasts on linked to material in the chapter)
  • Additional Reading
  • Customising the Material for a public sector audience
  • A Webliography that readers can add to to help others
  • My blog, where I review books and articles I'll use in updating the next edition of the book
  • A password protected resource area for tutors adopting the book, which includes additional case and exercise
  • A Forum where readers can make suggestions on content they would like to see for future revisions of the book