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Here are some additional websites you might find useful:

Ivey Business Journal from the Ivey School of Business in Canada

The Academy of Management, a great site for academics and researchers who wish to join.

The British Academy of Management, an excellent site for academics and research students

To complete the picture, here is the links for EURAM, the European Academy of Management and ANZAM, the site for those in Australia and New Zealand

One of the best sites for research that is geared to policy and practice in the UK is the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM).  Keep dipping into this site for new research in all fields of business and management.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, an excellent source of resources for HR people

The Society of Human Resource Professionals, the US HR professional association, and another good source of materials

The World Federation of Personnel Management Associations, good for international HR

The World Economic Forum and Global Competitiveness Index, which is very useful for summary reports of countries and countless other economic data.

Sign up for good content from the McKinsey Quarterly.

The Towers Perrin's site is also an excellent source of specialist HR data; Mercer   is another HR consulting site well worth a visit for up-to-date reports

PWCs Saratoga Institute is one of the best sites for human capital management

The Institute of Employment Studies, based in Brighton in the UK, has lots of excellent material on people and organizations.  Well worth a visit.

CKM is the site for Stewart Clegg's book on Management and Organizations, with probably the best set of resources of any management book

Another excellent book site is Phil Rosenzweig's Halo Effect, which has a very good research methods course and blog

Two sites for top notch collaborations between academics and practitioners.  Great examples of action research and good resources - Fenix (a Swedish Site) and  TruePoint (Michael Beer's Harvard-based company)