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Welcome to this website.  My name is Graeme Martin and I've designed these pages to provide readers with additional resources to accompany my book on  'Managing People and Organizations in Changing Contexts', published by  Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford, 2006, pps. 421. 

This book is becoming quite widely used as a text for managers and management students in different countries because existing readers tell us it has lots of contemporary and interesting international content, which is written in an accessible fashion without being 'dumbed down'.  It is also popular with managers and management students because it is has lots of short cases, review questions and exercises, enabling them to understand and apply the ideas, theories and models in the nine chapters to their work or courses. 

To give readers further help in their studies and/or their jobs, this site provides additional resources.  These include access to videos featuring some of the major authors and thinkers discussed in the book, links to podcasts and websites on key issues in each of the chapters, links to additional reading and useful websites that update the text (written during 2005/6), and some additional exercises.  Since the main source of material for the book has been the for-profit sector, I've included some useful links to material relevant to the not-for-profit sector.  I know from having worked and consulted in the public sector that the language used and the types of problems faced by managers in the not-for-profit sector are sometimes quite unique. 

I've included an open forum for you to provide feedback on the book and how it could be improved, and for suggestions on material other readers may wish to use.  This will be of enormous help in making further editions of the book more relevant.  Also, I have a ressources and recent publications page, where I will record some thoughts about books,  articles, etc., I've read and will use in updating the book for the next  edition.  Finally, for those people looking for a regular diary on HR, discussing work we have been doing, and wish to contribute their thoughts and insights to this work, please have a look at Graeme's HR blog.  These additions help make the book 'live'. 

Finally, for tutors adopting the book, there's a password protected section that includes additional cases, exercises and other resources.  These will be managed by Butterworth's, the publisher.  If you want access to these resources and you are a bona fide academic using the book to teach a course, please email me at [email protected] and I will pass on your request to Butterworth's.  For those of you who are interested,  here's a video I made introducing a course based on the book and this website to some Swedish students (you will need to download Quicktime to watch it).

Please feel free to browse around, use these resources as you wish and mail me with ideas on how to improve the book or this site.